Lost and left


She pressed her face against the cool glass. The clouds hung heavy beneath her, rising into a kingdom, breathtakingly grand, eerily silent and infinite. A majestic sun sat perched upon its throne. Her eyes reflected the ruby red glint. The words began to sculpt themselves into a song, “I wish I were a lonely bird, to glide away and never…”

“You are afraid,” He said, interrupting her flow of thoughts.

She looked up, affronted. He continued looking at her serenely until she looked away with a guilty expression.

“Why?” He asked simply.

“It is… It is scary… I mean… I don’t know what will happen.”

“You don’t know,” he repeated. “And that is why you are afraid. Why?”

she merely stared at him in astonishment.

“You don’t know and this is where the greatest opportunity lies,” he said patiently. “ You may feel comfortable with what you know, you may feel happy or angry, determinedly right or woefully wrong , but you choose to be afraid of this unknown when you, of all the people have the ability to feel every other way?”

He paused for a moment, his eyes beseeching her to understand. “In many ways, the path of us artists is easy. We take risks, yes; but risks for rewards. A true artist is one who has faced the harsh reality that unknown is not accepted and yet is not afraid of experiencing it, befriending it, channeling it.”

“Don’t shy away from taking the risk. Live this moment and then the next. Do not dread what you don’t know, what will come. Only that is real and nothing else.”

“Nothing else?” she whispered, unconvinced.

“I must demonstrate,” he sighed. “Why have you come today?”

Her eyes hardened. “I had had enough. It was time.”

“Do you hate him?”

“I tried to.” She lowered her eyes. “But couldn’t.”

“But you are determined to.”

“He left every question unanswered!” she defended herself.

“You know you would not have liked the answers. You are steeling yourself from them. Yes, what you do not know has given you the strength to go on.” He gazed deep into her eyes. “Do you still not see it?”

She opened her mouth but said nothing, struggling with the words.

“Close your eyes.”

She obeyed.

“Now search yourself. Where is this fear rising from. Find the beginning.”

She screwed up her eyes, trying to focus.

“You can’t. It is not real”

Her eyes flew open. He was much too close.

“But this is.” He captured her lips with his own. A warmth shot through her, filling the void where her heart was.

He withdrew. “Did you know?”

She shook her head.

“But did you feel ?”

A wide grin lit up her face. She placed a hand on her heart and nodded.

The exit door opened with a hiss.

The uncertainty flickered in her eyes once more.

“Do you trust me?” An enigmatic smile was playing around his lips.

She looked out. In the distance, the lonely bird beckoned. She hitched up her gear and jammed a helmet on her head.



– (Dedicated to those who were lost and those who left, in their wake, millions of questions but a perspective to answer them.)



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